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Marketing - Connect To Your Tribe

I love working with soulful businesses that are aspiring to have massive positive impact in this world. To be successful it's all about connection, reaching the right people and creating a connection where they feel like they've struck GOLD with you.

Meditation - Connect To Yourself

It's the most important connection you'll ever make. Meditation is way more than mindfulness, go beyond that and you get in touch with your being, your essential self. It's the way to tap into your INDIVIDUALITY and reveal all your unique gifts and talents.

Macrobiotics - Connect To Your Power

Macrobiotics is a lifestyle key to help you balance the yin and yang energies and be in your POWER. It focuses on a mineral rich diet which is tasty, easy to digest, as well as being incredibly grounding. More than just food, it's also about mindset and philosophy.

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Marketing, Meditation, Macrobiotics

My Passion Is To Help You Create Connection

connection to ourself and to others is what we all yearn for

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Beyond Mindfulness

I didn't grow up in a spiritual household but the desire to know the secrets of who I am, and this universe have driven me to seek far and wide. I've been a disciple of Osho Siddartha Ji in India for 5 years and have completed his two teacher training programs to share the gift meditation that goes beyond mindfulness. I love using dance and MUSIC as a bridge to then take you on a journey deep into your INNER BEING.

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Love + Nourish Yourself

I am a qualified and registered Nutritional Therapist training at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition in London. After experimenting with many 'diets' and feeling low in energy, I discovered Macrobiotics. This takes into account the energies of foods and your environment rather than just protein, carbs and fats. Step in your power with MINERAL RICH food that is grounding, and use mantras and the right exercises to strengthen you on all levels.

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Marketer With Spirit

Strategies With Vision + Purpose

​ I want to hear all about the purpose of your business and how it’s going to MAKE THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE. I want to tune into your vision and help connect you with your tribe. I love strategising, finding connections between you and your ideal clients, coming up unique ideas and doing it all with a good shot of positivity. I love the syngery that comes from working together and the fresh view and mindset that I can inject in to your business.

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